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Building Materials

Since 1841, Sterritt Lumber has been New England’s leader in satisfying the building materials needs of New England and beyond! This means that we focus on more than just supplying you with high quality lumber delivered in a timely fashion. Along with supplying all of your lumber needs, Sterritt Lumber also stocks a vast line of building materials. From Simpson hangers, to insulation, air vapor barriers, and all the way down to deck paints and stains, Sterritt Lumber is your one stop shop for thousands of types of building materials!

We also take great pride in finding difficult to track down items. If the material is out there somewhere but not in our yard, we can obtain it for you. That is our service promise to our loyal customers!

Air Vapor Barriers

Today there are many choices for Air / Water Barriers for both commercial and residential applications. Each product offers different performance benefits which need to be weighed based on the goal of a particular project. One the low end there is your typical builders wrap. which is only providing a basic air barrier between the siding and exterior sheething. Over the years, as we have learned more about water management and code has required us to build homes tighter, it has become a science to deal with Water infiltration and Air Sealing. See some of the standard and innovative Air Barriers we supply and choose the one that best fit your projects goals.


BlueSkin VP 100 is one of the premium “peel and stick” self-adhering water resistant air barrier membrane’s on the market today. Henry BlueskinVP is a fully-adhered system that functions as a water resistant barrier but also stops uncontrolled air leakage.  The self sealing membrane significantly helps to reduce air leakage caused by nail penetration through during siding install.  With BlueSkin House wrap, meeting even the most stringent energy codes has become more manageable and cost effective for both contractors and homeowners alike.

BlueSkinVP can significantly reduce the air changes per hour and potentially save a home owner thousands of dollars over time.  BlueSkin is available in the following roll sizes:

48″ x 100′

12″ x 100′

9″ x 100′

6″ x 100′

4″ x 100′

In order to maximize the effectiveness of any BlueSkin installation, the following products are essential depending on the application:

BlueSkin WB Window Sill Flashing Tape- Zero Perm Tape available in 4″, 6″ or 9″ rolls by 50′ long

BlueSkin LVC Primer

HE925 Sealant

Sterritt Lumber not only is concerned about sustainability, but we want to conserve our planet’s energy reserves as well.  BlueSkinVP helps to do just that!  For more information on this innovative product, please research!


Accompanying all of your lumber and building needs, Sterritt stocks a wide array of hardware at both locations. From all types of nails and screws, to the highly demanded Simpson brand hangers, Sterritt can supply all of your hardware needs with your order.

BP Roof Shingles

BP shingles ensure maximum protection and feature our Weather-TiteTM technology with two bands of high-tack adhesive. Our classic 3-tab shingles deliver proven performance, long-term durability, and a wide selection of colours. Our premium architectural shingles come in a rich palette of designer colours.


Heating and cooling account for 50 to 70% of the energy used in the average American home. Inadequate insulation and air leakage are leading causes of energy waste in most homes. Here at Sterritt Lumber, we trust the two most prominent manufacturers in the industry, Dow and Owens Corning to supply our loyal customers with the proper type of insulation.


The amount of energy you conserve will depend on several factors: your local climate; the size, shape, and construction of your house; the living habits of your family; the type and efficiency of the heating and cooling systems; and the fuel you use.

Heat flows naturally from a warmer to a cooler space. During the winter, heat moves directly from all heated living spaces to the outdoors and to adjacent unheated attics, garages, and basements – wherever there is a difference in temperature. During the summer, heat moves from outdoors to the house interior. To maintain comfort, the heat lost in winter must be replaced by your heating system and the heat gained in summer must be removed by your air conditioner. Insulating ceilings, walls, and floors decreases the heating or cooling needed by providing proper resistance to the flow of heat.

Insulation is rated in terms of thermal resistance, called R-value, which indicates the resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness. The R-value of thermal insulation depends on the type of material, its thickness, and its density. In calculating the R-value of a multi-layered installation, the R-values of the individual layers are added.

The effectiveness of an insulated ceiling, wall or floor depends on how and where the insulation is installed.

Insulation which is compressed will not give you its full rated R-value. This can happen if you add denser insulation on top of lighter insulation in an attic. It also happens if you place batts rated for one thickness into a thinner cavity, such as placing R-19 insulation rated for 6 1/4 inches into a 5 1/2 inch wall cavity.

Insulation placed between joists, rafters, and studs does not retard heat flow through those joists or studs. This heat flow is called thermal bridging. So, the overall R-value of a wall or ceiling will be somewhat different from the R-value of the insulation itself. That is why it is important that attic insulation cover the tops of the joists and that is also why we often recommend the use of insulative sheathing on walls. The short-circuiting through metal framing is much greater than that through wood-framed walls; sometimes the insulated metal wall’s overall R-value can be as low as half the insulation’s R-value.

Much of our Owens Corning insulation comes in the form of blankets that are in the form of batts or rolls. These are flexible products made from mineral fibers, including fiberglass or rock wool. They are available in widths suited to standard spacing of wall studs and attic or floor joists. They must be hand-cut and trimmed to fit wherever the joist spacing is non-standard (such as near windows, doors, or corners), or where there are obstructions in the walls (such as wires, electrical outlet boxes, or pipes). Batts can be installed by homeowners or professionals. They are available with or without vapor-retarder facings. Batts with a special flame-resistant facing are available in various widths for basement walls where the insulation will be left exposed.

Our DOW products take the form of rigid insulation. This is made from fibrous materials or plastic foams and is produced in board-like forms and molded pipe coverings. These provide full coverage with few heat loss paths and are often able to provide a greater R-value where space is limited. Rigid insulation is often used for foundations and as an insulative wall sheathing.

Whether your insulation needs are commercial or private, trust our professionals at Sterritt Lumber as well as the two most trusted names in the industry to fulfill them!

Marlite FRP

Sterritt Lumber is excited to handle Marlite FRP Wall Panels! Formally known as Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Panels, this innovative and often colorful product can add incredible depth and creativity to your interior walls and decorative projects!

Marlite provides innovative solutions for interior spaces within commercial markets in particular. By associating ourselves with this fine company and its products, Sterritt Lumber is committed to creating an environment where

our customers’ interior design projects will shine and provide benefits to the environment!

Marlite spends much of its marketing effort focused on four lines of FRP:

* Artizan FRP

* Envue FRP

* Symmetrix FRP

* Standard FRP

As an organization, Marlite focuses on three critical elements to advance its philosophy and brand:

* Partnerships: This company makes enormous efforts to join forces with organizations that share the notion of engaging in environmentally responsible practices. We are very proud to partner with this innovative company.

* Processes: So much of Marlite’s daily operations focus on environmentally based thinking and work. For example, Marlite utilizes water-based adhesives and top coats with low emitting volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). In addition, recycled products are heavily favored for corporate office business. Many employees of this company even drive hybrid vehicles when on company business!

* Products: Nearly all of items that Marlite produces are FSC® certified. In addition, many products qualify for LEED credits to ensure sustainability.

Sterritt Lumber could not be more endorsing of any company on the market today. That is why we not only handle and sell Marlite products, but we share and embrace the ideals behind their products as well! Please contact one of our experts to guide you through your Marlite FRP purchase today! 

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