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Engineered Lumber

Sterritt Lumber is proud to partner with the good folks at Louisiana Pacific in stocking a full line of high quality Louisiana Pacific engineered lumber products (ELP). Due to its overall strength and stability, engineered lumber from Louisiana Pacific has become the top choice for contractors, architects, and homeowners. We are proud to bring this type of reputable product to you, our own valued customers!

Applying this high quality engineered lumber to your project will result in quieter and more stable floors. This is because Louisiana Pacific’s engineered products resist twisting, shrinking, and warping. In addition, impacts on the environment are minimal because more portions of a tree are used in producing this highly touted product. Louisiana Pacific ELP is easy to machine and can hold heavier loads than traditional framing stock.

The professionals at Louisiana Pacific back up this claims with a lifetime limited warranty that comes along with all of their engineered lumber products. Here at Sterritt Lumber, we happily pass this security on to you!

LP SolidStart LVL
LP SolidStart Rim Board
LP SolidStart I-Joists
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