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Dynamic professionals from all over New England drive Sterritt Lumber forward.

Sterritt Lumber supplies high quality building materials to its customers throughout New England and beyond.  However, our concern for customer projects does not end with the purchase of lumber.  That is only the beginning!  We provide a multitude of contractor and homeowner services to help you see your project through with great detail and care.

Our professionals are expert in many areas, and we want to pass that knowledge onto our customers.  From delivery to design and everything in between, Sterritt Lumber’s commitment to service is something that each of our employees stand by.  It is not satisfying merely to see our materials leave our retail locations.  We are dedicated to seeing your project through to its completion.

Since 1841, F.D. Sterritt Lumber has been serving the ever changing building materials needs of New England. From its humble beginnings serving industrial manufacturers at its Cambridge location, Sterritt Lumber has since developed the versatility to satisfy a wide range of customers from homeowners to the largest commercial contractors and everyone in between. Now in its 3rd generation of Mackin family ownership Sterritt is poised for the future while maintaining our rich history of quality and service.

Check out the variety of services we offer, and we think you will find that this is one more reason that Sterritt Lumber truly is New England’s one stop shop for all of your building materials needs!

Delivery Services

At Sterritt Lumber, we strive to deliver all materials in a prompt and efficient manner usually ship in stock inventory within 24 hours of a customer’s order. Shipping and handling FSC® material can be a time consuming process. Our delivery services and quality control systems enable us to ship the right product at the right time every time.

Order Delivery Tracking System – Our shipping department can track your materials order from the time they are loaded onto the truck until the time it reaches your job site! You will receive online tracking links in order to follow your product to your site.

Boom Trucks – For customers who are not working on the ground floor, we can boom materials multiple stories for your convenience.

Moffett Trucks – Equipped with small forklifts, these vehicles can place materials around your job site. This allows you the convenience of having your materials accessible to specific job site locations.

Box Trucks – Especially if your order requires a delivery of windows or doors, we offer box truck service to secure these items and deliver them as if they just arrived from the manufacturer.

GPS Enabled Shipping – If your job site is within our delivery area, we will find it. All of our trucks are equipped with global tracking systems. That enables your delivery to arrive promptly keeping you on schedule and saving you money!

Roof & Floor Truss Design

Sterritt Lumber will help you determine your truss design costs in advance, so there’s no guesswork. Your site erection time will be greatly reduced and losses from job site material shortages and theft are eliminated. Every truss is individually designed and that design is checked and approved by licensed engineers for structural adequacy. Trusses provide more design flexibility, inside and out, than conventional framing. Sterritt Lumber can offer numerous design options; our trusses present an economical and structurally superior method for the rapid erection of your next project.

Engineered Floor Layouts

Sterritt Lumber Company provides detailed floor placement plans or layouts at no additional charge to builders or homeowners. A few examples of the fine work our designers have done recently are represented below. We can also provide detailed engineered stamped Beam Calculations to get any project moving forward quickly. Typical turnaround for Wet stamps is 48 hours and 5 business days from complete engineered layout drawings. There is not much that can stump the designers at Sterritt lumber. Let us bring value to your project.

Here are some recent examples of projects Sterritt Lumber is working on and how our Layout Drawings can make your framers job easier:

  • High End Residential Layout

  • 2 Family Layout

  • Multifamily layout

Construction work planning

Lumber & Building Material Take-Offs

At Sterritt Lumber, we can help you estimate all your building material needs for your project. You simply send over your architectural plans to our sales department and we can get you material list and quote. Turn around time varies from project to project, so please call our sales department for more information.

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