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There are many reasons to contact the knowledgeable professionals at Sterritt Lumber Company!  Maybe you would like to schedule a delivery of materials to your job site.  You possibly may want to inquire on how to improve your deck design.  Maybe you are looking for an engineered lumber solution to a difficult span.  You might want to special order a unique hardwood for “do-it-yourself” project.  You may in fact want to come in and compare the grain of vertical grain fir to that of mahogany.  Quite possibly, you want to inquire about a roof truss specification with our experts.  Maybe you would like us to bid on a job that you are undertaking.  Maybe you would like to open an account with us…

These are just a few of the many questions that the professionals at Sterritt Lumber can assist you with!  Since 1841, Sterritt Lumber has been dutifully serving the ever changing building materials needs of New England and beyond.  We pledge to continue that work!  Our expertise and our depth of services has expanded over 170 years; however, our commitment to service and quality remains steadfast. 

F.D. Sterritt Lumber Company


110 Arlington Street                             

Watertown, MA 02472


110 Ladge Drive

Avon, MA 02322

Tel: 617.923.5200

Fax: 617.923.1150

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