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Sterritt Lumber is proud to be the first FSC® certified retail lumber yard in Massachusetts!  The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is a non-profit organization devoted to encouraging the responsible management of the world’s forests.  FSC® sets high standards that ensure forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible, socially beneficial, and economically viable way.  Gaining FSC® certification is not an easy task.  As a result, when you see the FSC® label on our products, you can be certain that every detail was embraced in gaining FSC® certification.

Landowners and companies that sell timber or forest products seek certification as a way to verify to consumers that they have practiced forestry consistent with FSC® standards. Independent certification organizations are accredited by the FSC® to carry out assessments of forest management to determine if standards have been met.  These organizations also verify that companies claiming to sell FSC® certified products have tracked their supply back to FSC® certified sources.  Sterritt Lumber is one of those important companies.  Our chain of custody certification assures that consumers can trust FSC® certification and the FSC® label.  Trusted environmental organizations including Greenpeace, National Wildlife Federation, The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, and World Wildlife Fund all support and encourage FSC® certification.

Consumers wishing to support healthy forests and communities should look and ask for the FSC® label when purchasing wood or paper products.  We display these labels proudly.  At Sterritt Lumber, you can rest assured that our FSC® products trace their origins all the way back to sustainable forests.  Our certified products have followed this strict chain of custody from the forest to your job site.

For more information about FSC® and their strict guidelines, please visit www.fsc.org.

General Forest Facts

  • Forests cover 30% of global land area

  • 70% of terrestrial animals and plants live in forests

  • Currently the world’s forests store 283 billion tons of carbon in their biomass

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