Why FSC® Matters
FSC® - Be Part Of The Solution

If you are looking to purchase an FSC   certified product, you can be assured of many positive things.  You can rest easy knowing that the soil was protected, that wildlife was not harmed, and that local communities were consulted. In addition, you can be certain that the wood or paper product you are using is being replenished in responsibly managed forests.

Products carrying the FSC   logo are harvested under the toughest guidelines in the environmental industry.  Recycling is certainly a good practice, but it is not enough to ensure sustainability.  This is because the fiber in wood and in paper can only be recycled a few times.  What is more even critical than recycling, reusing, and reducing consumption is making certain that a strict framework is in place to properly manage forests so they may harvested with many elements in consideration.  Buying FSC   materials not only positively affects the future of the forests, but it also is critical to preserving freshwater sources, wildlife habitats, and native people of the land.

Sterritt Lumber is not only concerned with sustainability.  We are also in the business of keeping your family safe from harmful chemicals in products like caulking, plywood, paints, stains, and hundreds of other household items. Do you want toxic chemicals near where your children play, or where your family eats?  The answer is obvious. Sterritt Lumber assures that your products do not contain unsafe elements that may have harmful effects on the environment.

You do have choices. It is not about recycling.  It is about establishing a strict framework that promotes safety and sustainability.  Choose the FSC   logo, and you will realize why FSC  matters to you.  You will also know that it doesn’t just matter to you.  It matters to all of us!






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