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Our Valued Partners

Since 1841, the professionals at Sterritt Lumber have worked very hard to form relationships not only with our loyal customers, but also with associations and groups who endeavor to advance the causes of customer satisfaction and environmental safety.  Our valued partners are always trying to make our industry better.

These organizations not only look to advance the cause of the building materials industry.  They do something much more important.  They look to make the process of getting quality materials to you at reasonable prices even better.  They look to streamline.  They desire to make the journey from the forest to your job site more efficient.  Many of these groups in fact, strive for environmental sustainability.  For these reasons, F.D. Sterritt Lumber Co is a proud member of the following partners and organizations:

These fine associations work hard to assure so many things: that quality materials arrive to you at reasonable pricing, that the environment is not only preserved, but enhanced by harvesting, and that skilled builders and contractors are continuously developing their crafts.  We are extremely proud to associate with these fine organizations.  With thousands of products, two locations, and one great reputation for quality and service, F.D. Sterritt Lumber Company is committed to serving its customers and growing for another 150 years.

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