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It is something everyone needs and some have no idea the effects it has to your home. When building a new home you have to make sure everything is insulated and secured so that your home will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and yes I have installed it myself (not fun but necessary). Living here is Boston Mass there is one thing about this city and that is there is more restoring than there is rebuilding. Not that people don’t want to but it is a very condense area, it is extremely hard to knock down and rebuild with other home attached or extremely close, Along with the fact the Historic department tries to keep as much the same as possible. I agree with it to a point, I love living here and walking down the North End of Boston and looking at all the old original building, it is absolutely stunning. But here in lies the issues, Some or most of these houses are so old that there original insulation is either gone, non-existent or needs to be replaces cause it is not doing it’s job.

We sell Insulation at our locations, call and talk to our sales guys and they can give you all the information needed. When installing it I know some chose spray insulation, also a great product. If you want a personal opinion I like the pink traditional, first you do not want to smash it in too much you want a little bit of a soft bounce I found out that if our jam too much in it actually does the opposite effect. When you leave a small amount of soft bounce it actually helps and prevents air coming through.

Then after insulation I can go on and on with energy efficient windows, doors ETC. But that will be another blog. Stay tuned for that.

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13 ott 2023

You are so inspiring, thank you for this article, good luck with the rest of your work.

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nick smith
nick smith
13 ott 2023

good post

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